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Getting Involved

Buddies of Budgie is first and foremost a diverse community, with people of all different skill sets and origins, that come together to contribute to and promote open source software. There are many different ways to contribute depending on your skill set, as well as opportunities to develop new skills based on what interests you the most!

Regardless of your desired contribution, the best place to start getting involved, raising items, and asking questions is our Matrix Space.


Matrix is an open source project that publishes the Matrix open standard for secure, decentralised, real-time communication, and its Apache licensed reference implementations.

You can access Matrix Spaces with clients such as Element.

Code Contributions

Buddies of Budgie software is open source and primarily written in either C or Vala. This software is hosted through our GitHub organization, with issue tracking, releases, and pull requests all being done through various source repositories there.

Alongside this, we organize various tasks into organization-wide projects. These contain a mix of pull requests, issues, high-level draft items for potential future development, and more.

  • Budgie 10: Current major release of Budgie Desktop
  • Budgie 11: Future major release of Budgie Desktop


There is always room for improvement for documentation around Budgie Desktop and our organization. To learn how to contribute to documentation, click here.


Making software accessible to users around the world, in their native language, is incredibly important to the success of our project and to the success of the open source ecosystem as a whole. Enabling our software to be more translatable and more accessible is an active and always ongoing process, whether that is extending existing features or building new ones.

To facilitate translations, Buddies of Budgie uses the Transifex platform to manage new translations.

Work In Progress

Translation support for our documentation (documents and user elements) is a work in progress. Keep an eye on this document, our blog, or our Mastodon for news on when documentation translations support is introduced!